Friday, March 1, 2013

Nursery tour!

Welcome to Eli's nursery!  It feels great to have this done already. We did it in just a few days, the hubby painted the green (with assistance from his wonderful Dad) during y shower last weekend. Eli got some awesome things, I'm so thankful.

Without further delay, here it is!
The main wall in his room, a good friend made the circle things and used them to decorate the shower. I took them home because I knew they would be perfect for over the crib.  The Eli letters were also shower decor. I lucked out!  The three prints were gifts from my mother in law. They're so cute!  The rocking chair is my step-mom's heirloom. It's pretty comfy! One of my sisters made me the giraffe print blanket in the rocking chair. I put an organizer next to the rocker so I can have easy access to things I need. I painted the elephant mural today with some leftover paint, and the chalkboard thought-bubble was the hubby's idea. I also got some awesome shades for the window from my mother in law.

I love this closet! The bins are from the dollar store and so is the stripey wrapping paper I used to paper the inside of the closet. I'll probably do a separate blog post about the closet soon. I've got some cool stuff in there.

close-up for the rocker/elephant

I still need to make/find a crib skirt and mobile.

The other side of the room is a bed to relax on, more cute prints, his books and stuffed animals.
Oh and did I mention I found the awesome 100% wool rug (from World Market, still had the tag!) in a thrift store for $3?! Talk about awesome!

Let me know what you guys think! I love it!  

By the way, the changing table will be in the bathroom since we are doing cloth and that will be more convenient. If I need to I can always change him on the bed in here.

I can't wait!!!

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